Indudisk SSD :Industrial SSD & Military SSD 


Military SSD Solutions

With cloud computing and big data storage widely used in modern military, defense, aerospace and enterprise applications, the information storage device is served as the core IT infrastructure. High reliability and rugged storage solutions are becoming increasingly important and urgent. In a defense environment, only the most rugged storage products can handle environmental challenges, such as shock and vibration, and extreme temperatures. These products must also handle vital data security challenges, such as protecting sensitive data and preventing data in extreme conditions. Military SSD Solutions Solid state drives are the key to fulfill these mission critical tasks.


Military UAVs can accomplish high-resolution (4K) photography and video-recording to record and store data reliably in length aviation projects.

Integrated Vehicles System

SSDs used for Armored Vehicles Computer requires high reliability and large storage capacity in extreme environments.

Military Special/Customized

RECADATA dedicated engineering support team can also provide customized storage solutions to fit the needs of each aerospace and defense application.

Embedded SSD Solutions

As a vast array of solid-state storage products steadily penetrates the embedded systems space, it is not uncommon for designers to get a little overwhelmed by flash-storage options. SLC vs. MLC SSDs; form factors such as 2.5”, 1.8”, M.2, Slim SATA, mSATA, CompactFlash, CFast, and eUSB; interfaces like SATA, PCIe and PATA; and AHCI, NVMe and other aspiring standards – these all make for quite an acronym stew and a dizzying array of selections designers must make.

IPC/Embedded System

Industrial Automation environments are diverse yet share common requirements – with regard to small form-factor, high durability


Automotive applications require highly reliable memory technologies to support the computation and data storage demands of modern automotive systems.

Infotainment & HMI

The market for Infotainment terminals includes a variety of platforms from banking automation, POS terminals, digital signage & advertising, kiosks and internet access terminals to ATM machines.

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