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A brand focus on Industrial & Military SSD

Indudisk introduction


Indudisk, The professional high end industrial SSDs and military grade SSDs Solid State Drive manufacturer in the world. We are dedicated in

developing and manufacturing premium quality and high reliability industrial grade SSD storage solutions for wide range of industrial and military rugged applications such as Industrial, medical, rail transit, subway, automotive, Military, defense, maritime, aerospace and rugged computer systems systems.

We have production line and testing machines including SMT machine, SSD Automatic Professional Test system, High-low Temperature Test, Performance Test, Power Cycling Test, Cold/Hot Start Test, Burn-in Test, Secure Erase Test, Vibration Test and Spray Test, etc. Our manufacturing team are well-experienced in the SSD industry for 15 years and our SSD factory is ISO9001 certified. You can trust us in our SSD quality and Production ability.

Reliable as promised is our commitment. By working with our customers and partners closely for many years, we have rich experience in the SSD technology, application needs and manufacturing technique. We understand that reliable and secure operation in harsh environments is the overriding requirement, we insist on providing the most reliable SSD solutions and manufacturing the highest quality industrial embedded SSD storage products to differ confusing minefield of today’s SSD marketplace.

Indudisk Rigorous Testing Process


Indudisk’s rigorous SSD testing process ensures that your SSD meet the highest industry standards for quality and reliability. Our Comprehensive SSD testing scripts include: Performance Testing, Power Cycling testing, Burn-in testing and High-Low Temperature Testing, Cold/Hot Start testing and Secure Erase Testing,etc.

Indudisk’s robust SSD testing software designed to detect possible SSD failures such as: wear leveling, ECC correction, data retention, TBW and S.M.A.R.T. Below shows a generalized view of the production flow that identifies the key testing steps.


Qualified Products

All Mainkco Industrial & Military SSDs have past rigorous tests before delivery, to assure product long-term reliability on site.

Better Service

The sales and support teams are providing quick & flexible activities to improve service efficiency during business.

Full experience

15 years experience in solid state drive (SSDs) products, and very focus on industrial & military application projects support.

Affordable Price

We promise to use original new materials for our products, and help customers with a cost-effective SSD solution products.

Competent Ability

Providing ODM/OEM service for specific industrial customers, be able to provide customize & product design capability.

Loan Sample

Loan sample policy to expedite the start-up of some specific project, save time and money for industrial valuable customers.


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