Indudisk SSD :Industrial SSD & Military SSD 

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All is for Industrial & Military SSD

  Indudisk is a professional high-end industrial SSD and military Solid StateDrives (SSDs) manufacturer in the world.We are dedicated to delivering high-quality industrial SSD and military Solid StateDrives (SSDs) with legacy and mainstream technology, long-term availability, BOM control, high reliability, top compatibility and military secure storage requirements under harsh environments at competitive factory price.

  With 15-year experience in Design, Development and Manufacturing of Solid State Drives SSDs, Indudisk SSD team devote themselves to provide the reliable, innovative industrial SSD and military SSD solutions and our SSD team delivered the world first fastest 2.5” SATA SSD to the market in 2007 ever.

Design Services


With 15-year experience in Design, Development and Manufacturing of Solid State Drives SSDs, We have professional SSD engineers and manufacturing technicians, self-developed manufacturing equipment, self-developed QMS (Quality Management System ) .


  From raw material to finished products, We insist on using superb original Flash & DRAM ICs, high-quality components and rugged mechanical materials to produce a full range of industrial grade SSDs and military grade SSDs.And, We perform the most rigorous testings and inspections on all of our products to ensure reliability and performance. All tests are done in-house with certification by a professional third party.


Indudisk is committed to providing the ease-of-use industrial grade SSDs military secure SSD products that clients can safely deploy with ease and confidence.In addition, We also offer a variety of Customized options like Quick Secure Erase, Hardware erase, AES256 Encryption, Power Fail Protection Function and Customer specified ID PN services to meet their secure needs of our customers.


We have 15+ Years Experience in SOLID STATE DRIVE SSD Industry.

 All dynamic testing of MemoRight rSSD is implemented in an extreme temperature chamber, cycled from -45℃ ~ 90℃ for industrial grade military SSD and -25 ℃ – 75 ℃ for industrial SSD.

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